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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are lawsyst?

Lawsyst is a product of ITSec; a UK based software company in Leicester since 2000. We have a wide range of application development & integration portfolio including fintech and legal technologies. The core of our focus is user experience and we put a lot of effort in untangling unnecessarily tangled user experiences.

Is Lawsyst only available on-premises?

Yes. For larger installations, we offer an on-prem solution.

What are the main features in Lawsyst?

Lawsyst includes, case management, time recording, invoicing, disbursements also referred as cost recoveries, document management, office 365 integration, outlook integration, CRM system, leads management system, Legal Aid & private billing, hourly, fixed fee, retainer & CFA based fee schemes. Its powerful workflow system guides you through the process as you proceed with a matter.

How much does a license cost for lawsyst?

Cost depends on the modules chosen. You will not pay for what you do not need.

Does lawsyst support Legal Aid Criminal Billing?

Yes, Lawsyst support both criminal and civil legal aid contracts. For criminal billing, you can produce bulk upload file for lower crime; and for civil contract; family, immigration, housing, and mental health plug-ins are available.

Can Lawsyst Produce CRM11, CRM7 & Confiscation billing?

Yes, lawsyst can do all of that.

Does Lawsyst work with Civil / Immigration Legal Aid in the UK?

Yes, lawsyst does it intuitively and very neatly.

How does Lawsyst record times

You can record time from outlook, word, phone call, fax entry and SMS sent. Most day-to-day tasks record standard time entries automatically.

Does lawsyst produce invoicing?

Yes, Lawsyst can produce sales invoices and maintain ledgers.

Can Lawsyst provide costs recoveries/disbursements accounts?

Yes, Lawsyst does that nicely.

Does lawsyst support client / trust accounting?

Yes, Lawsyst is a double entry accounting system with client accounting at the heart of it. We understand how critical it is to produce month end reports for compliance purposes.

How does lawsyst deal with Anticipated payments?

Lawsyst maintains separate ledgers for anticipated payments allowing you to earmark upcoming costs.

Does lawsyst keep data in the UK?

Yes, all data is kept in the UK for UK customers.

Does lawsyst integrate with Xero?

Yes, Lawsyst integrated with xero. You can push receipts, payments, bills, invoices, clients, suppliers, and employees to xero and synchronise necessary ledgers.

Is Lawsyst MTD ready for VAT?

Yes, Lawsyst is MTD ready and Integrated. This option is available if xero is not an option.

Is lawsyst compatible with the LAA requirements?

Yes, Lawsyst is compatible with Legal Aid submission requirements.

Is there a workflow capability in Lawsyst?

Yes, Lawsyst has a best-in-class workflow management system. You can create workflows for almost any scenario. Many firms love the way it keeps the work flowing!

Can Lawsyst integrate with Microsoft Office?

Yes, Lawsyst integrates with Office 365, SharePoint.

Are there any Lawsyst plugins for Outlook & Word?

Yes, Outlook and Word plugins are available which allow you to carry out most tasks from within these applications, including time recording, document management and even client onboarding.

What are the search capabilities in Lawsyst?

Lawsyst has a powerful search engine. You can search matters, clients, invoices, and documents containing key phrases.

How much training is required?

In our experience, a user needs about an hours’ worth of training to get them going. This covers setting up new client & a matter, navigating through existing matters, creating letters, recording time entries, making use of outlook plugin and organising documents within a matter. Lawsyst has an intuitive user interface which makes it a user-friendly system for most fee earners. In depth training for LAA billing and accounting side can take a bit longer depending on the receiving user’s experience.

Does lawsyst support family law?

Yes, Lawsyst support family law.

Does lawsyst have a court bundling capability?

Lawsyst has a built-in court bundling software that can paginate, index, bookmark a bundle according to the UK courts requirements. It is easy to use and very fast.

What reports are available?

Time recordings, missed times, disbursement, staff targets, and other performance reports are available in addition to general accounting reports such as aging reports, trial balance, profit & loss and balance sheet.

How does Lawsyst deal with AML, KYC & Conflict Checks?

Workflows can be configured for a detailed checklist-based compliance. A task is created in the system and someone must go and put their name on it to say that they have completed the compliance check along with any required documentary proofs.

Is there are task module in Lawsyst?

Yes. A task module allows you to create tasks for anything or tasks can be created through workflows.

We presume lawsyst handles key dates?

Of course.

Can lawsyst restrict access to a matter level?

Yes, access can be restricted on a matter level to a user, a department, or a selected of users/groups.

Is Lawsyst capable of Sing Sign on Authentication?

Yes, lawsyst support Microsoft Azure authentication.

I have a different question?

Please call us and we will answer any questions that have not been answered here.

Support SLA

Lawsyst support is linked with the package subscription. Platinum subscribers get a response within 30 minutes and a resolution in 1 hour. Gold subscribers get a response in 1 hour and a resolution in 2 hours. Silver subscribers get a response in 2 hours and a resolution in 4 hours and Bronze subscribers will get a response in 3 hours and a resolution within 6 hours. Where a resolution requires escalation to an upstream provider, the resolution time will depend on the provider’s support system. Enhancement requests do not come under support and timelines are agreed separately.

If there’s anything we haven’t covered here or you have any specific questions about your account, just let us know and we’ll be happy to answer them. If you’re not a customer yet but curious about our plans, contact us

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